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Patch notes

  • Ley has been added to the game as a playable character and can be acquired with a cash or GP mission!
    • Log in every day and get Ley's Lucky Box that could contain potions, Fusion Coupons, Socket Gems, GC Club, and Nutient IVs.
    • Upon reaching certain "milestone" levels during the event as Ley, you will automatically receive +10 Bags, Runes, Reinforcement Boosters, Monster Card Boxes, Socket Gems, Mystery Potions, and Fusion Coupons.
    • Run dungeons and see Ley's emblem that gives a 10% stat boost!
    • Special Lady Gothique and Lady Gothique Lite Packages are available until June 28th: get the [Cash] Ley Mission and the Lady Gothique Armor Set, Cloak, and Ultima with the standard package or just the armor set, cloak, and weapon with the Lite package.


  • The [Cash] Ley Mission has been added to the Shop in support of Ley.
  • The Lady Gothique Package will be available in the Shop until June 28th.
  • The Lady Gothique Lite Package will be available in the Shop until June 28th.
    • This package contains the same items as the standard package but without the cash mission.
  • New cash items have been added to the Shop in support of Ley.


  • The [GP] Ley Mission has been added to the Shop in support of Ley.
  • New GP items have been added to the Shop in support of Ley.


  • Players with the Ley Deluxe Voucher or the Ley Basic Voucher have received the appropriate package contents.
  • Ley is now making her appearance in Kerrie Beach and King Guang's Fen!
  • Weapons acquired through character cash missions (Lass through Ley) have been redistributed with corrected stats. Please check your inventory and re-equip your weapons.
Grand Chase History

Grand Chase is a very popular multiple player virtual world, role playing game. Hundreds of thousands players from all the world play Grand Chase online. Once you obtain an account you can play Grand Chase too.
In Grabd Chase you earn money through obtaining skills such as archery, crafting, smithing, and mining to name a few. You also fight battles against opponents. Grand Chase is not a game that is played within a few days, weeks or months - Grand Chase is more of a life adventure. Grand Chase is a game that is different for everyone that plays because you create you own life in the virtual world and you select your own path.

The game is free-to-play, where players need to earn currency known as Game Points (GP) from completing dungeon quests, individual missions, or defeating other players to buy better equipments or items, but there are some items that can only be purchased with real-world currency. In Grand Chase, players start off role-playing as one of three main heroines, and will be able to unlock more playable characters by completing specific missions. However, the player may freely switch among the characters he or she has unlocked before entering combat, each with their own specific equipment, skills and experience level.

+ Server Rates
  • Server: ON
    Register: ON
    Log in ON

    EXP : 750 x GP : 750 x DROP : 750 x
+ Top Players
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    1 dark 119
    2 deathlord 116
    3 suzuky 108
    4 djvis 105
    5 myky 105
    6 obledon 105
    7 spider 102
    8 bigfoot 102
    9 scsi 102
    10 ultraman 100
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